AUBURN MAYORAL ELECTION 2018: Meet the six candidates hoping for your vote

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Auburn Mayor Election: David Hill and Brittany Cannon-Dement

Auburn, Ala. (WRBL) – Auburn’s Mayoral Election is happening Tuesday, August 28th.  News 3 is your Local Election Headquarters as we introduce you to all six candidates in the historic election.

News 3’s Elizabeth White visited with all six candidates vying for votes:

  1. David Hill
  2. Brittany Cannon-Dement
  3. Lindburgh Jackson
  4. Ron Anders Jr.
  5. Jordan Langdon
  6. Richard Speake            

The candidates discuss downtown growth, school safety, and other issues on the minds of voters in a three-part series. Please click each story to hear why the candidates think you should vote for them.

Auburn mayoral candidates David Hill and wife Sue grew up in Auburn. Their careers took them all over the U.S. In 2009 they felt Auburn calling them home.

“I completed my undergraduate and masters degree here at Auburn University and graduated in political science.  Then I was a professor for a decade at three major state universities. Then,  I was a consultant working with city and county governments as well as schools,” said David Hill.

Hill believes his time away from Auburn, consulting for major companies, state agencies, cities and schools will help him bring new concepts and solutions as Mayor of Auburn.  

I have had many life experiences that have shown me there are different ways of doing things. We have to rebuild trust and confidence if we want citizens to buy into what we are doing going forward,” said Hill.

Hill says smart growth can preserve the look and feel of Old Auburn. He says schools should focus equally on students interested in college and those who want to learn a trade. Hill promises accountability, renewed trust, and change. He also wants to re-work the budget to make it work for residents.   

Brittany Cannon-Dement is also running for Mayor of Auburn and says her passion is government, ethics and serving her hometown of Auburn.

“I did my undergraduate in political sciences at Auburn University. I taught English abroad and came back got my masters in public administration where I did my internship with the ABI. I worked in the legislative fiscal office, and we were responsible for working with the general fund and education budget,” said Cannon-Dement.

Cannon-Dement lives in Auburn with her husband and child. She now teaches Government and Ethics course at Southern Union.

“I appreciate the leadership Auburn has had in the past. I’m just looking forward to moving in a new direction in the future,” said Cannon-Dement.

Cannon-Dement is focused on transparency with every tax dollar spent and to whom easily accessible on a home computer. She also has ideas on how to manage grown in downtown Auburn.

“Going forward we need to work with developers that are working within the standards Auburn residents set for their downtown,” she said.

Cannon-Dement believes teachers deserve a raise and more resources. She also supports school resource officers in every Auburn City School. She says her knowledge of writing grants could help secure funding for SRO’s.

“There are a lot of ways to fund SRO’s beside raising taxes, and I would like to explore every opportunity,” said Cannon-Dement.

Both David Hill and Brittany Cannon-Dement are hoping for your vote on August 28th.

Growing up, Auburn mayoral candidate Lindburgh Jackson says his time at Boykin Community Center greatly benefited him.  Jackson believes now more than ever kids need a place to go, grow and learn.

“We can get public transportation to bring kids here to the community centers for after-school programs where they can be safe and find a haven,” Jackson said.

Jackson would like to see a northwest satellite police station to curb crime. He worries the current leadership has ignored many residents, allowed uncontrolled growth, crime and traffic problems.
“They have lost trust.  I have lost trust, and that’s why I’m running,” Jackson said.

Jackson worked as an engineering assistant for eight years at the city of Auburn. He taught at Tuskegee in the job corp program and worked as a local developer.

“We need to be more transparent with our contract letting. We need to be more about the people of Auburn who worked and poured their blood, sweat, and tears into make this a great, smart little community,” Jackson said.
Mayoral candidate Ron Anders also grew up in Auburn running his family’s small bookstore business.
“I had opportunities to be a part of many efforts for our community. I’ve been on the city council for six years.  With my experience I can lead Auburn to be it’s best,” said Anders.

Anders believes his council experience, problem-solving skills and a knack for uniting different sides make him the best choice for Auburn’s mayor.

“No question those things prepare me and give me the confidence to bring everyone together and make the best decisions to benefit this great community,” said Anders.
Anders sees an excellent opportunity and new ideas after this historic election and believes someone with experience is necessary to lead a new council.

“You will have at least five new faces on the city council, with a 98-million dollar budget.  Leadership and continuity are important and with six years on the council I have the most experience to lead and serve the citizens of Auburn,” said Anders.

Both Ron Anders and Lindburgh Jackson are hoping for your vote on August 28th.

Auburn University sophomore and Phenix City native Jordan Langdon says he’s ready to serve the citizens of Auburn.
“I want to help them, serve them, do everything possible for them. I also want to serve the Auburn University students as well, I want them to have a voice,” said Langdon.

Langdon graduated from Central High School where he served as band president. He’s close with his family and is a proud Christian. He hopes to see controlled growth in downtown Auburn while encouraging technology expansion in local schools.

“The iPads are great.  We had them at Central, and it was wonderful. I want to see that expand to all students, elementary, middle and the high school,” Langdon said.
Candidate Richard Speake grew up in Auburn and returned four years ago. He works as a carpenter, artist and enjoys field biology.  

“Making sure we don’t overbuild ourself out of the quality of life environment,” Speake said.

Speake describes himself as a conservative who wants a clean environment.  

“My platform is picking up trash, for one thing. We need more green opportunities to grow the right way for a change. We need to take out the heavy interest that only benefits a few and start listening to the people again, that live here,” Speake said.

Speake would like to see public transportation improvements and re-instate a campus police department to patrol Auburn University.
“That seemed to work better and allow the Auburn Police to patrol just the city, so they aren’t as spread out at APD,” Speake said.

Both Richard Speake and Jordan Langdon hope for your vote on August 28th.

For a full list of candidates, polling locations and sample ballot please click here: Auburn Municipal Elections. News 3 is your local election headquarters. We will be covering the mayoral race as well as city council races in Auburn.

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