An Auburn University fraternity is in the middle of controversy.

This comes after pictures of what some are calling racially charged banners are hanging from a frat house are surfacing.

One banner could be seen outside the Sigma Pi fraternity house.

A News 3 viewer submitted the photos from a Facebook post by Matthew Ryan Fields. Fields’ post reads, “Auburn University. A tad overboard I’d say.”

The Sigma Pi banners reads, “ASU grad rate 27 percent– chance of winning- zero percent.”

The other sign reads, “GED greater than ASU degree.”

Auburn University played Alabama State University during the first home football game of the season.

Since the pictures surfaced, several complaints came in calling the banners racially insensitive saying the signs attack ASU academics because it’s a historically black college.

Auburn University has responded saying, “Auburn University is committed to upholding a nurturing community supportive of fundamental dignities and promoting integrity, responsibility and mutual respect.  We take seriously all reports of potential student conduct policy violations and investigate them fully to uphold the values and standards of the Auburn family.”

Here’s the link to the Facebook post: