COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Black History Month is almost here, and so is the “Black History Buck Down,” a dance competition coming to Columbus. For an afternoon of excitement, consider visiting Carver High School, located at 3100 Eighth Street in Columbus, on Saturday, Feb. 4. Doors will open at noon, and the show will start at 1 p.m.

Tickets cost $20 in advance and $25 at the door. To buy tickets in advance, find $TracyDanceTeam on Cash App or buy tickets in person at the A Girls Dance Team studio at 2200 Camille Drive in Columbus.

The event is being presented by A Girls Dance Team, a Columbus group directed by Tracy Lane. Lane said this is the seventh year the event will have been held. Teams competing will come from various cities and states.

“And what we’re doing is everyone is bringing a judge, and then we have one neutral judge that judges the whole thing,” Lane said. “We will have, like, eight to nine judges.”

Dance teams will compete in three categories. One will be the “creative” category.

“The creative category is like something created that has a Black history theme, so we’ll be doing that,” Lane said.

Another category is called “stadium entrance.”

“That’s when they come out, like, they come into a football game, and they come down the ramp,” she said.

The last category is “stand battle.”

“And that’s where you go toe-to-toe like I go, you go,” Lane said. “I go, you go. And then they pick which one is the best.”

A Girls is an acronym that stands for “achieving, growing, inspiring, reaching life success.”

“It started out as a mentor team for girls under 12 years old,” Lane said. “Then we expanded it to take the age up to 18.”

Lane said the girls dance in styles that originated from historically Black colleges and universities.

She said A Girls Dance Team has been featured on “Bring It!,” a show on Lifetime.