HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) — Dec. 13, a bond hearing was held for the suspect in Harris County’s first homicide of 2021.

Superior Court Judge Gil McBride denied setting a bond to Johnnie Bryant, 68, after being left with major questions in the case including sheriff office report’s and crime lab reports.

Bryant, allegedly shot Dylan Eldridge, 29, on Sunnyside Church Road Nov. 1, 2021 over a property dispute.

Bryant was charged with the following counts:

  • two counts of Aggravated Assault
  • one count of Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Felony
  • one count of Murder

Defense Attorney Jackie Patterson asked Judge McBride for a bond set at $50,000 with the terms he would be banned from going to his property or the victim’s and would have to wear a tracker or have a curfew.

The judge ultimately denied this request after hearing both the defense and prosecution’s sides.

“However, based on the concerns that have been pulled before me and the fact that we are still in the first 90 days, I do decline to set a bond at this time.”

Patterson called on four witnesses that were all the children of Bryant.

They all testified to to Bryant’s character and whether Bryant would flea the jurisdiction, intimidate any witnesses, commit any crimes or obstruct justice if he were to be let out on bond.

To which they all testified no.

Harris County Assistant District Attorney Mark Anthony says the attack on Eldridge was unprovoked and premediated.

Anthony says the day of the murder Bryant went to file a complaint to the Sheriff’s office and was told it was a civil matter to this the ADA said Bryant told the Sheriff’s office he was about to go put a stop to it.

The biggest concern for the ADA is the safety of the Eldridge’s girlfriend and his infant who still live on the property. Which Judge McBride stated is one of the reasons he denied setting a bond at this time in addition to the crime happening less than 90 days ago which is leaving questions in the case involving evidence, sheriff and crime lab reports.