Boy Scouts completed a community service project to help a local veteran center

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 Local Boy Scouts troop 24 spent their weekend at a veteran outreach center helping one of their very own obtain the highest rank in boyscouts which is eagle scout. 

In order to become an eagle scout, one of the requirements is that you complete a community service project. 
     The Warrior Outreach center uses horses as a therapeutic tool to help veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. The scout says he chose this as his project because he believes by providing shelter for these horses, it helps the ranch serve more veterans.

“The project were doing is building two horse troughs, so when it rains it doesn’t get the hay wet and that allows it to not be on the ground where all the collock and all the other bad diseases and stuff on the ground are. And we’re also building a cover which will protect them in the rain,” Maxwell said.

“Knowing that we’re doing it for the right things and the right causes is really important and good to know that Lucas is working at a place striving to help others like veterans and their families and help them out. It’s good to know that we’re helping towards that cause,” Lively said. 

     This is the second project Boys Scouts have completed at the outreach center to obtain their eagle scout rank.

Maxwell says being an eagle sout shows you have proven yourself to be a leader and that after he completes this project he will be submitted for a board of review to determine if he will become an eagle.          

The Boy Scouts troop 24 meets every Tuesday at First Presbyterian Church. 

For more information on the troup and the veterans rehabilitation center, click here.        

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