TROUP COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) — There’s regular ambulances, then there’s the pink ambulance. The eye-catching AMR (American Medical Response) ambulance looks- and functions just like any other, except all of its detailing is in hues of blush and magenta.

While the pink ambulance has been functional since pre-pandemic years, October always carries special significance. Annually, October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“[The pink ambulance] was [made] in observation of Breast Cancer Awareness and it just kind of stuck,” said Paramedic FTO Alyscia Benefield who regularly operates the special ambulance with her crewmate EMT Mackynsie Waldrop.

According to Benefield and Waldrop, the emergency services vehicle has been positively received within the community for years.

“They can relate to us if they know anybody with breast cancer,” said Benefield. She continued, “It’s the only pink ambulance we have, so when we show up in it, they just know who we are.”

Outfitting the vehicle in pink cost the Troup County AMR team roughly $2,500, however it seems the benefits far outweigh the costs in the eyes of the team.

Waldrop said the pink accents and accessories add some joy to what can tend to be a difficult job. Benefield and Waldrop typically work two to four 12-hour shifts each week, oftentimes in the pink ambulance, which is part of Troup County AMR’s regular operational fleet.

The EMT added she likes that the vehicle is a box ambulance, rather than a Sprinter since it allows her and Benefield more space to maneuver around each other while treating patients.

The pink ambulance crew uses pink-accented accessories, down to their shears, shoelaces and shirts – perfect for Waldrop and Benefield, who both said their favorite color is pink.

Last year, their shirts for the special ambulance’s team were all pink. This year, they are navy blue with pink logos. As far as an all-pink uniform goes, Waldrop and Benefield said its not off the table but they like the current look.

“That could be a possibility,” said Benefield. “But, of course, we’re also keeping it on the professional side.”

On a local and national level, the pink ambulance is well-known. The special emergency services vehicle has been featured in national EMS magazines, as well as made appearances at professional stock car races in the state of Georgia. Sometimes, it also participates in local parades.

For the foreseeable future, the pink ambulance and its crew will continue to service the local area day and night for all manner of calls, according to AMR Troup County Operations Manager Jason Lawson.

“[Breast Cancer Awareness] is always on our mind, you know,” said Lawson, “A lot of us have family members that are survivors and that was [the goal] to raise awareness.”