COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The Columbus Consolidated Government’s (CCG) Public Works Department Integrated Wast Division is introducing their new Columbus Blue automated side loaders that are set to start collecting household garbage on Sept. 11.

The automated side loaders will only collect garbage from the city-issued black cart, but the city says if residents have additional bags of household garbage, residents can place the bags on the curbs three feet away from the cart, and the bags will be picked up as well.

The city says after January 2024, all household garbage bags must be placed in the black cart for collection. The Public Works Department purchased 40 new automated side loaders using American Rescue Plan Funds, which cost nearly $16 million.

The city looks forward to using the new equipment, stating, “This is a one-person operator collection system that is cleaner, more efficient, and a much safer operating system that promotes excellent customer service.”