COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — On National Cheese Pizza Day, Columbus has no shortage of spots to grab a slice. This holiday is celebrated annually on Sept. 5 and highlights the plainest pizza slice option there is. Those looking for a locally-owned place to snag a classic slice can look no farther than these Columbus spots.

The Pizza Place

1030 Broadway

This Uptown Columbus pizza place offers pizza by the slice and by the pie. While a slice of cheese costs $4.99, buying an 18-inch pie comes out to $19.99. For late-night eaters, this spot is open until midnight. It also offers and extensive drinks menu, wings, dessert and more. Those interested in toppings can also check out their “Vegendary Pizza,” Hawaiian pizza or others, all priced around $23.99 per 18-inch pie.

Rising Flour Pizza

3709 Gentian Boulevard Suite 1

Though this spot’s menu doesn’t necessarily advertise a cheese pizza, the option is still available. By selecting the “Create Your Own Pizza” option on Rising Flour’s online ordering platform, guests can purchase a classic cheese pizza for $8.50 to $15, depending on size. A large pie is 16 inches; smalls are 9 inches Those willing to diverge from the classic tomato sauce and cheese combo can try Rising Flour’s white pizza, which uses garlic butter instead of red sauce and has extra cheese. This take on the classic costs $12.25 to $24.75, depending on size.

Mr. Pizza Brick Oven & Tap

3443 Macon Road

These brick oven pizzas come in thick- and thin crust options. A plain cheese pizza with no toppings costs $7 for an 8-inch pie, $10 for a 12-inch pie and $14 for a 16-inch pie. For guests looking for a more exciting slice, the restaurant offers a variety of toppings for their make your own-style menu, and several specialty pizzas. Specialty options include a chicken pesto pizza for $11 to $21, “Big Island” Hawaiian pizza for $11 to $21 and more. Any of these can also be made as a calzone instead.

Mellow Mushroom Columbus

6100 Veterans Parkway

This locally-owned franchise location is generally known for their more outlandish pizza options, however they also carry a cheese pie. Those interested in a cheese pizza, instead of more adventurous options like the “Holy Shitake” or “Merry Prankster,” can buy their plain pizza for $9.99 to $15.99, depending on size. Small pizzas offer four slices, mediums six slices and larges eight slices at this joint. There is also a thin crust option available. Gluten-free pizza lovers can also check out Mellow Mushroom’s 10-inch gluten-free BYO option with just cheese for $10.99.