City Councilwoman Toyia Tucker visits Sea Breeze Mobile Home Park

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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Councilwoman Toyia Tucker made her way to Sea Breeze Mobile Park Home and walked the grounds to speak with residents about not having running water and other issues.

Upon arriving at the mobile home park, Tucker began speaking with residents about the condition of the park.

Resident Kylee Carpenter told Tucker and News 3 she’s struggling.

“It’s literally nonstop problems, my daughter is disabled, she’s autistic. I get a check for her every month, it’s $500 that’s all I get. I keep having to spend the whole check on having to get my whole family out of this house because we have to bathe our children, to wash dishes, do laundry. I mean anything, I can’t do anything, my house is a wreck because I can’t wash dishes,” Carpenter said.

Despite the park not providing running water for nearly a month, they’ve threatened to evict residents. Carpenter happens to be one of them.

“Now these people want to evict me, there’s no way. You are insane if you think this is humane, my daughter’s third birthday is tomorrow…can I do anything for her, no. This is not okay and I will not stand for this anymore. It is inhumane and for these people not to even care, there are people here who have not had water in a whole month, over 100 people. How do you people sleep at night?” Carpenter asked.

After speaking with Carpenter, Tucker spoke with three more residents who have been having similar issues. Pamela Harris, Barbara Acree and Regina Morrison are neighbors who have been dealing with not having running water and several other issues.

“I asked them about prorating our rent for the days that we have not had any water. How about we not have to pay for those days, they’re not willing. He keeps saying that the owner has to make that decision and that’s all he keeps saying,” Morrison said.

Morrison was directed to call the number listed on the website so she could speak with the owner but she has had a difficult time.

“The phone number that’s listed on that website takes you directly to a voicemail, the message box is full. I can’t even leave a message, I emailed, they’re not returning emails. I’ve emailed them probably 12 or 15 times since this started and I’ve gotten three emails back, two of which were about the rent,” Morrison said.

Harris and Acree live in the same trailer and their water did get turned on but the water pressure was extremely low.

“We didn’t get water back until 10:00 last night, a little over 10:00 last night. We had to turn off the washer, it’s barely enough to fill up the washer machine to get clothes washed before they turn off the water again,” Harris said.

Acree told News 3 she feels like shes neglecting her child

“It makes me feel like I’m abusing my child because I can’t give him a bath, I have to wipe him down with baby wipes. They just don’t care, they run water hoses up on the other side, all of them can get water. But they don’t give a crap about us,” Acree said.

Acree and Harris said some nights they have to choose between eating dinner or taking a shower.

“It’s either food or taking a bath and that’s what it comes down to. We either rent a motel room and everybody has a shower or we eat so it’s sad and it’s really unnecessary,” Acree said.

Acree took Tucker and News 3 around their home to show how poorly management has maintained the mobile home park. After walking around the home and the park, Tucker told News 3 she was not expecting this.

“It was worse than I thought, I thought that it was just water. I was made aware by director Mr. Pruitt that it was a water main that had burst underground and was being repaired, and yes it was a length, like a stretch. But I didn’t realize all the other issues these individuals are facing. This is low-income housing so they’re making a choice between staying in a motel room and paying out of pocket or getting food,” Tucker said.

Tucker told News 3 this was a very emotional moment for her.

“I’m sad, I’m disappointed. I feel like we dropped the ball somewhere, you know, in multiple places and I am really going to work to get some of these answers to the questions and concerns that were given to me today,” Tucker said.

Tucker said the condition of the homes and the mobile home park is intolerable.

“This is very unacceptable, you look around and we see just to the side of us home that looks like it’s a vacant home with an animal. It’s horrible, these are horrible conditions for anyone to live in,” Tucker said.

Tucker would like Sea Breeze management and the owners to know one thing.

“Shame on you, shame on you and have some empathy and compassion and take care of your residents,” Tucker said.

District Attorney Mark Jones will visit the Mobile Home Park tomorrow morning to speak with more residents about taking legal action.

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