COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Columbus City Manager Isaiah Hugley has put forth his recommendation for a new Director of Public Works. Hugley will take his recommendation, for Michael J. Criddle to assume the role, before the Columbus Council on Aug. 11.

Criddle has over 13 years of experience and, if approved, would bring what a statement from the city calls a diverse background to the role.

The statement from the City Manager’s office says Criddle’s background includes experience with “Public Works, Personnel Management, Economic Development, Community Planning, FEMA Floodplain Management, Budgeting, Site Development and Project Management.”

According to Columbus officials, Criddle also comes to the position with “proven experience” in Complete Streets Transportation collaborations, Zoning and Master Planning, and Policy Development.

Criddle “has successfully completed the largest economic development project in the history of West Georgia, as the project manager – Kia Motors Manufacturing and related suppliers,” according to the release by city officials.

Criddle also developed GIS location marking protocols for public utility maintenance and storm-water management systems, and negotiated a public-private partnership with the Great Wolf Lodge for regional tourism as the current Public Works Director in West Point, Ga.

“He comes highly recommended by my selection committee of Deputy City Managers Lisa Goodwin and Pam Hodge, Finance Director Angelica Alexander, and Human Resources Director Reather Hollowell. I believe he will be a good fit for our community,” said City Manager Isaiah Hugley.

Criddle is also the President of the Middle Chattahoochee Water Coalition and a governing board member of the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee, and Flint Stakeholders Group. He is also an FAA certified pilot.

The move to appoint a new Director of Public Works follows other recent changes in city leadership.

Recently, Hugley recommended a new appointment for the Director of Inspections and Code, naming Ryan Pruett and awaiting Council to approve the role.

Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson also made a new recommendation for Chief of Fire and EMS, naming Salvatore “Sal” Scarpa, also awaiting Council approval.

Additionally, a search has begun for a new Columbus Police Chief, as Ricky Boren announced his retirement on July 16, with the Chief leaving office after 49 years with the department on Oct. 31.

“I very much look forward to the opportunity and challenges that await in the Greater Columbus Area. With so many positive attributes, I welcome the prospect of being able to make constructive contributions to a dynamic community,” said Criddle.

Criddle and his family are currently living in LaGrange, Ga. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English/Engineering from Louisiana Tech University, and earned a graduate degree in Public Administration from Troy University.