The Clean Energy Roadshow in Columbus highlighted several alternative energy sources at Liberty Utilities in Columbus Wednesday morning.

Public Service Commissioner, Tim Echols, says Georgia is diversifying it’s energy sources.

“Georgia has really bought into this big time, because it is actually cheaper to do than our traditional sources,” says Echols.

Energy sources like propane, electric, and solar energy are discussed for their environmental friendliness and cost effectiveness.

90 percent of Liberty Utilities’ truck fleet runs on clean, natural gas.

“There’s really no black around the exhaust pipe. Very little carbon. It’s low in greenhouse gasses and all the other pollutants so it really is good for air quality,” says Echols referring to the clean burning gas.

“A lot of it is trying to reduce our reliance on gasoline and diesel with prices going up and supply can sometimes be interrupted,” says Chuck Rossi, President of Liberty Utilities.

The city of Columbus is also at the forefront when it comes to switching to alternative energy sources.

“We’ve got a state of the art fueling system here in Columbus,” says Echols, “You should be running on natural gas here in Columbus.”

Echols is referring to a gas station on Armour Road in Columbus.

It pumps natural gas into alternative-fuel ran vehicles, and prices at the pump are cheaper. 

Rossi says natural gas prices are not subject to as many changes as gasoline and diesel. He says environmental and geopolitical issues won’t cause the cost to fluctuate.

“The cost- and the projections because there is such an unlimited supply- they believe right now there is over 100 years of supply that’s already been identified, it makes it where it’s not so impacted by some of the same factors that you will see on gasoline and diesel which are impacted by world oil prices,” says Rossi.

Echols says the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office is running their vehicle on natural gas as well.

“It’s saving the Sheriff’s Office, which really ultimately goes back to the taxpayers here in Muscogee County,” says Echols.

While switching your vehicle to propane or duel fuel may not be an option, the Road Show also highlights electric vehicles as a way you can save money and the environment.

Electric car stations are all around Columbus, inviting the switch to clean energy.