COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) Wednesday morning, Hardaway High School hosted the BigFuture 2023 College Board National Recognition Awards Assembly. Four students were honored for having a GPA of 3.5 or higher and scoring in the top percental nationally on the PSAT.  

Georgia State Representative Teddy Reese presented each student with a resolution of their achievements. 

Representative Reese says that he hopes that students all around Muscogee County will be inspired by seeing what their peers have achieved. 

“When we get an opportunity to recognize some of our best and brightest here in Columbus, we should jump on that opportunity. And that’s exactly what we did today at Hardaway High School to have students here in Columbus that are ranked higher than so many others on a national level, not just the state level. We’re talking about the national level. We got to lift them up and let them know that we see you. We see the hard work that you’re doing, we see the dedication you’re giving towards it, and we support you and we’re here behind you 100%,” said Representative Reese.

The student with the best GPA at Hardaway High School, Kenyen Hardy, shared advice for his peers on how to maintain a high GPA.

“Don’t procrastinate. Study, take notes in class and just try to be as balanced as you can go. We do other stuff outside of school, so just try your best to get it all managed.”

This inspiration and words of encouragement came just in time as Muscogee County middle and high schools will be taking the PSATs on Oct. 18.