COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Columbus Animal Care and Control Center is currently overpopulated well beyond capacity and is faced with the hard decision of euthanizing animals. Euthanization is having to occur more than usual because of the influx of animals being brought to the facility. 

On average, there are 17 to 20 animals being admitted every day when the facility only has the capacity has to hold 52. With an influx of animals coming in and a low number of adoptable animals going out they have no choice but to make space.

WRBL spoke with Columbus Animal Care and Control Center’s Deviation Manager Canita Hardnett- Johnson to learn how animal control determines who is euthanized.

“Those animals that we can’t rehome, those animals that are are deemed aggressive towards people as well as maybe other animals. And so we don’t want to put those animals back in the community. So those will be the first on our list. The second are those animals who are medically in need of attention or the medical attention they received is not helping. And so our doctor or the facility is the one that makes those determinations. And then the last on the list of those animals who have been here and a long time. And so we call them our long-time residents. And then those are the last that we choose to go on the list,” shared Johnson. 

Johnson goes on to share information about what the community can do to help lessen intake.  

“We cannot stress enough how helpful it would be to this community to spay and neuter your animals. If it’s about cost, there is a program in place, Pit Fix, that will help you with that. If it is that you feel like you can’t take care of your animals, Paws Humane has a program and resources to help you with those challenges.”

Johnson also says that the community should prioritize microchipping their pets so that in the case that their animal is lost it can be returned to the owner. Animal control has an amnesty program that allows owner to pick up their lost pets within 48 hours free of charge. More information about Columbus Animal Care and Controls programs and a list of animals up for adoption can be found on its website.