Columbus apartment complex shot at, tenants say, for the fourth time in a month

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According to Columbus police reports, police responded to a report of shots fired at a Sheffield Drive apartment complex around 4:30 Wednesday morning.

Residents of the complex say someone stood outside, firing bullets into their homes.

The residents chose to stay anonymous, but say instances like this are occurring too frequently.           

Inside apartment 3, the tenants say they heard the gun shots and sheltered-in-place on the floor. Then they noticed, water began flooding their apartment.

“The bullet hitting the water lines and flooding my whole apartment. I have to worry about mold, I have to worry about my carpet all throughout my house. My food was ruined. I mean I have furniture that was messed up.”

 They say the chaos of the morning shooting left their children in fear.

“My five-year-old son came to me this morning for school and told me that he wanted, I asked if he wanted to stay home, since we didn’t sleep since it happened, he told me heck no I’m not trying to get shot by an AK-47.”

People living here say this isn’t the first time. They say they’ve endured four similar drive-by shootings within the last month.

“We’ve had several shootings on this block, spanning back for a long period of time, they’ve been up and down Sheffield Drive, and it’s not ending. It just seems to be getting worse and worse,” says Jackson Turner, the complex’s landlord.

One woman says in March, a bullet came through her balcony door while her grandchildren were staying over for the night. She says she heard the gun going off, and her family hunkered down in the floor. The next morning, she says she discovered the damage, and says it was a blessing her grandchildren weren’t asleep in the room.

“I said ‘well, Trey, let’s go back and check the bedroom’, and when I went back in to the bedroom here on the left, I saw glass all on the floor.”

Columbus police records indicate they were notified of two prior instances where shots were heard on Sheffield Drive, one on March 25th and another on March 26th.

Police say this current case is under investigation.

Still, the tenants say they’re worried.

“I mean, I have two kids. I mean one of them bullets could’ve hit my kid, so I’m a little freaked out. My wife and kids don’t want to really be here,” says one resident.

“It always, all the shootings, always happen when I have my grand boys over here. Now, I can’t let them come over here, because I’m scared that one of them might…” says another tenant, holding back tears as she struggled to finish the sentance.

Turner expects the clean-up to be expensive.

“This is going to be in the thousands of dollars right here, and it’s just something that i have to deal with,” says Turner.

Turner says he believes crime is getting worse and says a shortage of Columbus police officers is to blame, as he says he has witnessed several instances of shots fired at his other properties as well. 

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