The Columbus police department is working to find out who’s responsible for a shooting Tuesday night. Police responded to a call from the Taco Bell on Macon Road.

 According to Columbus Police- they responded to the shooting call at the Taco Bell on Macon Road. When it comes to the actual shooting though police say– it happened nearby– on Forrest Road. 

CPD says a cab driver was shot after he picked up two men last night. Police say the victim was shot by one of those two men. They also say the victim was robbed. They say after the victim was shot he drove himself to the Taco Bell on Macon Road. One Taco Bell worker says she knows of the driver who was shot. 

“The guy didn’t have no money. He just started. He didn’t get anything from him. I don’t know what I would’ve done. I would’ve told them I ain’t got no money. Please don’t kill me,” says Taco Bell employee Tangi Taylor. 

The Taco Bell worker adds the cab driver had just started his shift when he was shot Tuesday night. 

Police tell News 3 the incident happened around 8:00 p.m.