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Columbus city officials move forward with spiderweb project

COLUMBUS, GA (WRBL) - The roadway project to build a 4 lane bridge over the railroad tracks on Buena Vista Road is in high gear. 

"This has been a situation that has been ongoing in the community for the last 60 to 70 years whereas when the community grew it grew beyond the railroad tracks," Rick Jones, Planning Director. 

The Project is a 40 million dollar plan funded from the Department of Transportation and TSPLOST. The project itself will improve route conditions around Buena Vista road, Illges Road and Martin Luther King Jr Bouelvard.

"Back in 2012 the citizens of this community approved this project as part of their additional 1 cent sales tax that went into effect and in doing so we were charged with the idea of coming up wiith some kind of solution," says Jones.

Before the project got started, jones says experts were careful considering all possible solutions. 

"Including going underneath the bridge, but we ran into some ground water problems that prohibited us from doing that and also drove the price up," says Jones.

On most given days people are typically behind the wheel for hours, causing major frustartion for residents and city workers.

"The emergency vehicle concerns of getting vehicles back across that and just the inconvenience more than anything else of having to do with the railroad," says Jones.

Right now project managers moving forward with the plan coordinating on utility needs and working alsongside with railroad experts.

"Sometime this year we will be able to actually go bid on this and start construction. At a minumum ther will be at least two years to complete this project" says Jones.

Jones says there were 16 counties in the region that gave their approval to have this bridge built. 

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