A Columbus man returned from the Florida Panhandle after spending days helping folks rebuild in Panama City.

Jon Redmond even met President Donald Trump while assisting those in need. He describes his reaction as shocked.

“It’s the president. He is actually reaching for my hand and talking to me.”

Redmond shared his experience with News 3’s Jessalyn Adams.

‘You’re not going down there to make money. You’re not going down there for the fame. You’re not going down there for a job. You’re going down there, because you feel like you’ve been called to help,” says Redmond.

Redmond says he has been building fences in the southeast for years and building relationships with customers.

After receiving phone calls from friends, family, and customers, he decided to take his skill set to Florida.

“Once we got down there the destruction was just– amazing doesn’t seem like the right word. It’s just–WOW. The first words that come to mind were– ‘Oh my God’.”

Redmond says he appreciated the conversations he had with President Trump.

“For him to actually come down, and speak with people, and take time to actually see the places that were devastated, it means a lot.”

Redmond still says the real reward comes from helping others.

“I need to get there and help. That’s what’s important. That’s what it means to live the American way. You definitely want to get down there and help how you can, and it just makes you feel good.”

Redmond returned Sunday night. He says he has scheduled to go to Panama City again at a later date.