COLUMBUS, Ga.- Revamp Church Pastor Branddon Mays feels that God has bestowed it upon him to be a voice in Columbus. He wants to do everything he can to bring positive change to the community.

Saturday morning, he did just that by holding the first ‘Rise Up’ Unity March. It was a three-mile march that went through high crime areas to show there is strength in numbers of the community being unified and against the violence.

Mays said the march goes beyond race and is an effort to spread the love to all the streets in Columbus.

“We’ve talked enough,” Mays said. “We’ve conversated enough. There’s been a few marches in the city. They were real cute. They were nice because after the march, you heard nothing else. There has to be a follow up plan. After the march, then what? If you’re just marching for nothing, you’re just getting exercise. You can go to the park for that, but let’s march and make a difference.”

The church also blessed more than 150 families in need with turkeys for Thanksgiving.