The Columbus police department says over the last couple of years there has been a large amount of false alarm calls made putting a strain on their department.
Assistant chief of police Gil Slouchick provided News 3 with the official numbers of how many burglary and robbery calls they’ve responded to in the past three years and over 90 percent were false. Slouchick says because the police department is experiencing a shortage it is putting a strain on their employees to always send two officers out to every call.
“It cost man-hours. It cost gas and after a while it causes wear and tear on vehicles, but mostly the man-hours that tying up two police cars going to a false alarm when they could be going to something else,” Slouchick said.
According to the numbers Slouchick provided, the numbers have slightly increased in the last couple of years.
In 2018, there were 22,443 calls and only 204 of those calls were not false alarms.
  • Burglary and robbery calls: 22,859
  • calls that were false alarms: 21,490
  • Burglary and robbery calls: 23,332
  • calls that were false alarms: 22,168
  • Burglary and robbery calls: 22,443
  • calls that were false alarms: 22,239