Monday, the Columbus Police Department weighed-in on the Whitewater Express drowning from over the weekend.
    They told News Three whether they believe any foul play was involved.
 “Subject fell out of the raft  while on a white water rafting trip and he was eventually pulled from the water and pulled to the Alabama side.”- says Lt. Matt Blackstock with the Columbus Police Department.
     Police say, 46-year-old Alvin Lino of Atlanta died after an apparent drowning during a Whitewater Express Rafting trip Saturday.
     Whitewater Express confirms he was wearing a life vest at the time.
     Representatives there say the incident happened during Challenge Trips.
     For those who don’t know those trips consist of two laps.
    “He was in some sort of a distress and quickly rushed to an Alabama hospital.”- says Lt. Blackstock.
     We’re told- all participants are given the option to opt out on the second lap and Lino chose to make the additional run. 
     According to Muscogee County Coroner Buddy Bryan, Lino had health concerns including: an enlarged heart, Lupus and a Circulatory Disease.
     Monday,  his aunt Radiance Paget provided a statement to News Three.
     It reads in part,”His adventurous spirit is what took him down to Columbus to go whitewater rafting… something he had done numerous times ..where sadly he met his demise.
     My entire family will never be the same.”
     The Columbus Fire and EMS Department  is weighing in on river safety.
 “Can’t speak to what happened. The circumstances that day but I can tell you that any time you enter the water you are taking a measured risk. So you need to make sure you take the proper safety precautions and also at the same time understand. It’s a dynamic environment and anything can happen.”- says Fire Marshal Ricky Shores, Columbus Fire and EMS Department.