COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – On Wednesday, the Columbus Police Department hosted “Funds for Guns” for the second time this year.

According to the police department, the firearm buyback event is “designed to curb gun violence in Columbus, Georgia.”

Columbus Police Department’s Assistant Chief of Police Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick shared the importance of conducting the event.

“This is important because we are showing our community that we are going to continue to work hand in hand with them. And we’re going to be here. We’re fed up with shootings going on in our community. We’re fed up with people not telling us who is doing these shootings,” said Dent-Fitzpatrick. “But we’re also complimentary of the people who are just getting guns out of their houses. So it speaks volumes to us that the community has come together and said, ‘hey, we’re out here, we’re part of your all hands on deck.”

The event was held at the Abundant Life Full Gospel Church located at 6001 Buena Vista Rd. in Columbus, Georgia. Participating individuals received $250 gift cards in exchange for functioning firearms.

The Columbus Police Department collected 110 guns during the event, including four stolen guns, five assault rifles, and two tactical shotguns.

Chief Freddie Blackmon expressed the success of Wednesday’s Funds for Guns event and the one held last month.

“Between two gun buyback events this year, we have collected over 200 firearms. That means there are 200 less firearms on the streets that could be used to commit violent crimes,” said Blackmon. “We are thankful for Pastor Outley and the Abundant Life Full Gospel Church and our citizens for supporting this event.”