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Columbus, GA.-Count yourself  among the lucky ones if you’ve avoided coming down with the flu. While this season is particularly harsh, Georgia and Alabama are working to curb the spread. Columbus researcher, Dr. Jeff Kingsley is working year-round with a clinical trial to help knock out the effects of the flu. 

“Rather than having one visit and go home and call me if you need me…you’re gonna come back and we’re gonna see you every single day,” says Kingsley. “We’re gonna check your vital signs every single day. We’re gonna make sure that you are not getting any of those bad outcomes that some patients get.”

Alexis West knows first hand how bad the flu can get as a patient and a nurse who cares for those who are sick. 

“Some people don’t even realize the signs and symptoms of infection,” says West. You might think you have a regular cold until it gets more serious and you have to go in and get treated.” 

Dr. Kingsley still believes old fashioned safety precautions, including the flu shot, can go a long way in curbing the flu. 

“Get vaccinated every year. It’s still worth doing,” says Kingsley. “Beyond that, honestly, hand washing. Normal safety precautions go a long way.”

West agrees. In addition to her flu shot, she says she “made sure that I stayed well hydrated, ate proper food and made sure that I had a balanced and nutritional diet.”

“Healthy patient populations and patient populations with other medical problems can get really, really, sick and that’s what we wanna guard against,” adds Kingsley. 

If you’re interested in joining DR. Kingsley’s flu clinical trial, please visit or call 706-321-0495.

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