Columbus resident is pleased with the fixed potholes in neighborhood

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Traveling down bumpy roads can be a pain for most drivers, especially if that means damaging your only source of transportation. 

“It’s never gotten that bad most of the time i always keep it caught up, but i’ve been shaken and rattled a few times,” says Jeff Filbeck, Columbus resident.

Jeff says a few days ago there was a big problem with the number of potholes on his block, but thanks to the city’s public works division drivers are hitting the road at ease. 

“As you can see with this vehicle coming up here now it used to go over to the side you can actually drive through the rode,” says Filbeck.

Services for reporting a pothole have always been avalible in the area, but for some people, the process was a bit confusing. 

“I think they were concerned but they didn’t know what way to go on getting the problem solved so i thank News Channel 3 owed a lot of people how to do it,” says Filbeck.

Filbeck tells me this is the worst pothole he has seen in the neighborhood. the department of public works went out of their way to patch up the entire block.

“I just want to thank the city of columbus for doing such a fantastic job and doing it in such a record amount of time,” says Filbeck.

Jeff say’s he’s glad to take some type of action in the neighborhood and now he has no trouble reporting other potholes. 

“I find myself going out looking for them now saying, “uh oh, there’s one i can call in and get it repaired,” says Filbeck.

If there’s a pothole in your area, you can click here to file a report.  

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