COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The Chattahoochee Riverwalk is open for the summer. City officials and construction crews found a way around a nine month-long closure of one of Columbus’ most popular locations.

Residents and visits still have a chance to head to the Columbus Riverwalk this summer. News 3 reported a few months ago that a major portion of the Riverwalk would be closed through the end of the year, but officials say that’s not the case anymore.

Construction is underway, but Kiewit was able to work around the original plan which included closing the near 900 foot section of the Riverwalk until December.

Kiewit construction was hired by the city to make critical repairs due to the erosion of the slope caused by periodic flooding. In the process of the $3.3-million-dollar, the area will get a little facelift.

Below the Synovus building, along the grassy slope there will be three retaining walls, which will include seating and stairs leading down to the Riverwalk. The goal is to create a space where locals and visitors can sit, relax and watch kayakers and whitewater rafters on the world-class rapids.

The plan was to close the Riverwalk in front of the Synovus building until December.

In a statement provided by Kiewit Corporate they said, “Early in our discussions with the City of Columbus, it became evident that keeping access to the Riverwalk was important to the community. Collaborating with our client we found a solution. The city allocated nearby space for Kiewit to safely stage the project and store equipment, tools, and materials.”

The portion of the sidewalk where the project is taking place is just wide enough for the construction and residents of Columbus to co-exist throughout the summer.