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Columbus says goodbye Dinglewood Pharmacy staple Lieutenant Charles Stevens

COLUMBUS,Ga - Columbus said goodbye to the well known Dinglewood Pharmacy cook, Lieutenant Charles Stevens', today. His funeral was held at First African Baptist church.

Lieutenant Stevens will be remembered for his famous scrambled dogs at Dinglewood Pharmacy but to his friends like pastor Benjamin McGruder he remembers him as a man of integrity.

"He's gonna be missed he's one who will always try to steer you in the right way and he loved people he loved serving people  and he did all that he could to help the church anyway that he could," Pastor McGruder said. 

Pastor Mcgruder gave the eulogy at the ceremony touching on 25 years of friendship. Mcgruder says Lieutenant was like a father figure for those in the community, his niece Valerie Lewis agrees.

"Lieutenant was pretty much a surrogate father for me because my father was military," Lewis said. 

Lewis says she recalls fond memories of growing up with lieutenant. She lived with him for 12 years and mentioned how her sister gave him the nickname "Tennis."

"Now I don't know why they just didn't teach her to say Sonny like the rest of us called Lieutenant but they were trying to teach her to say Lieutenant," Lewis said. 

Lewis' little sister Veronica Glenn says that tennis was always there for her and never missed an important event in her life.

"He was concerned that my father would be upset about him walking me halfway down the aisle and I had to explain to him that he is my second father," Glenn said.  

Glenn says the biggest lesson she learned from her uncle was to treat everyone with the same respect. 

Others who spoke about Lieutenant Stevens during the ceremony say that he was a community servant. Whether it was through food or conversing with him his wisdom shined through.

Following the ceremony family and friends gathered for interment at green acres cemetery.

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