Columbus woman receives Trump scam call

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Robocalls are beginning to be a normal everyday thing. You answer the phone and hear the automated voice and hang up. 

But one Columbus woman decided to let her voicemail take the call this time. Then she heard President Trump’s voice. 

She says her ears perked up when she heard President Trump’s voice on her answering machine, then she realized why.

The voicemail said “To secure the border and stop criminal gangs, drug smugglers and human traffickers, its a tremendous problem. President Trump wants to send bricks to Chuck and Nancy for every donation of at least $35 right now. That’s why we need your help, now more than ever to get these bricks sent, so Chuck, Nancy and the Democrats know you’re serious about helping President Trump secure the border and fund the wall. So please press 1 now to support President Trump by donating and getting your brick sent to Chuck and Nancy. Again press 1 to donate, that’s on your keypad to donate now.. press 9 to unsubscribe.”

She says she gets robotic calls all the time.. but this time she really knew it was fake. 

“I couldn’t see the President taking money, even if he was asking for money for the wall, taking money to buy bricks with,” she said. 

Even though the call looks to have come from Washington DC, she still knew it wasn’t Trump. 

“Because there were two different voices,” she said. “I felt like if the President was going to ask you for money he would’ve asked you himself.” 

She wants everyone to know that the call is going around especially to elders.

“I want them to understand that its a scam because, we have friends that love to give to other people.. a lot of people will give. A lot of Christian people will give and a lot of people love Trump like I do and they want to see the wall built,” she said. 

the better business bureau says if you ever get a phone call like this, the best thing to do is hang up. 

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