COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The Columbus woman accused of killing a man in a vehicle versus motorcycle crash in March made her first appearance in court this morning.

Corintheus Diaz, 51, was scheduled to appear in Recorders Court for a preliminary hearing Thursday morning. Recorder’s Court Judge Al Whitaker waived the hearing to state court.

Diaz is charged with vehicular homicide in the second degree, a misdemeanor, and failure to obey a stop sign. A public defender entered not guilty pleas on Diaz’s behalf for both charges.

These charges stem from a vehicle versus motorcycle crash in March. Diaz is accused of driving the car that crashed into the 68-year-old motorcyclist Phillip Damren.

Damren later died in the hospital due to his injuries.

While no one testified Thursday morning, Recorders Court Assistant District Attorney Nick Hudd said what would have been revealed in testimony.

“If we were to have a hearing today, the [Columbus Police] officer would be testifying that she personally spoke with members of the victim’s family including his next of kin, and they said that they didn’t want this case to move forward,” Hudd said. “I personally thought it would be a good idea to send it to state court to put that in writing and have official meetings rather than it just simply be dismissed based on phone conversations.”

Judge Whitaker set a $5,000 bond for vehicular homicide charge and $125 for the failure to obey a stop sign charge. He said all statements and testimony from Thursday morning’s hearing will be conveyed to state court.