COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — On Friday evening, the Columbus Public Library on Macon Road was buzzing with activity inside and outside during Davis Broadcasting, Inc.’s 23rd annual giveaway of school supplies. This year’s event also featured a resource fair. Various organizations provided information on health, jobs, school-related needs and other subjects. There was also food and a gaming truck.

Gavo Henry, assistant production director for Davis Broadcasting, Inc., said a lot of people came to get school supplies.

“I believe we gave out between 700 to 1000 book bags,” he said. “And I would say this is probably the most amount of people I have seen inside of the Columbus Public Library.”

Henry said for the past two years, the event was held in a drive-through fashion. He said he believed having it in-person this year would help people to enjoy it more.

Michael Soul Muhammad, program director for Davis Broadcasting, Inc., said the event gets bigger and better every year.

“I remember when it started, we got feedback from the teachers that students actually come to school on the very first day with nothing because their families can’t afford it,” he said. “So this event means everything.”

Muhammad said he believes there’s a lot of need in the area for events like this one.

“This has been a tough year for everybody,” he said. “Rising cost of gas, food prices going up, and we saw people from all walks of life today.”

Sherrie Pope brought her three grandchildren, Khalil, Remy and Di-Shaun Pope, to the event. They sat in chairs on the front lawn waiting for the outdoor showing of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” to start.

“We just arrived, but normally, we enjoy the entertainment,” Sherrie said. “They usually play music and stuff. We kind of do this every year or whenever they have it.”

All three children said they were enjoying themselves. Khalil and Remy said they both were and weren’t looking forward to school, while Di-Shaun said he was looking forward to school. Khalil said his favorite subject is science. Remy and Di-Shaun both said they liked math the best.