COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — DragonFly Trails Inc. and the city are sprucing up the trail at 11th Street Bypass.

LED lights, fresh paint, and a new mural will play a part in refreshing the local trail. Columbus State artists, Trudy Tran and Vinh Quang Hunynh, spent 30 hours alone this week working on the mural.

The hope is to eventually have murals painted on the interior walls as well.

Here’s what Dragonfly Trails Executive Director Becca Zajac has to say about the 300-thousand dollar project.

“You know, when we kind of envisioned what this underpass could be for our community two plus years ago, you always worry if you’re going to find the right muralist and if you’re going to get be able to get the funding that you need to pull off a project like this just to see it actually come to fruition. It’s a really special day for us at the Dragonfly Trail.”

The 11th Street Bypass will remain closed for a few more weeks as the project carries on.