COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – 20-year-old Josiah Robinson gathered community members at the Frank D. Chester Recreation Center for the 5th annual “Keep Columbus Warm” event on Thursday. It is an event that distributes warm clothing items like coats, hats and socks to underserved individuals in the Fountain City.

Robinson said he was inspired by his grandmother who taught him to always give back to the community.

“We would always go out and give plates out to the homeless so when she passed I was like ‘man I got to figure out something new to help people’, so I came up with the idea ‘Keep Columbus Warm’,” said Robinson.

He began the initiative at 15 while he was a student at Northside High School.

“I came up with the idea and I started it at my high school, Northside, and it was pretty successful the first year. I just said that I wanted to keep it going and continue my grandmother’s legacy so I’ve been doing it and this is my fifth year and I’m blessed to be able to help people,” said Robinson.

According to Robinson, all of the items distributed were donated by community members or bought with monetary donations that were given.

He sets up donation locations around the city several months prior to the event in order to collect enough items for the annual event.

Robinson volunteers his time and gathers other volunteers as well every year.

“This is strictly volunteer, I just love to do it. I got to help people because I can,” said Robinson.

The event typically assists 50-75 marginalized individuals in the community.