COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL)— One local community group and non-profit is working to help citizens of the Fountain City meet their physical, financial, relational, spiritual goals and much more at no cost.

U.S. Army Maj. (Ret.) Dewayne Webb founded Lakebottom All About Family Fitness (AAFF) in Oct. 2020, which offers free workouts to everyone in the community.

“I wanted to bring a program to the area because there was a need for free and kid-friendly community workouts in the Lakebottom area. There has not been a consistent, free program at Lakebottom since Nate Barley led community workouts at Lakebottom from about 2011-2013,” Webb said. “Coincidently, we are both military officers, members of the prestigious Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Many campers that were with Nate in 2011-2013 and with me in 2020 are still here today,” the president and certified AFAA trainer told WRBL.

Classes are open to anyone, and everyone. Children are even encouraged to attend the classes.

‘[These] classes are action-packed, calorie-burning, muscle-toning, fat-shredding sessions of fun and exercise designed for people of ALL fitness levels,” Webb described. “I specialize in alternate exercises catered towards the recovering couch potato to the former high school track star.”

Those interested in attending can join one of their nine fitness classes a week, three in the morning and six nightly sessions. Here’s what those classes look like:

No morning workout9:15 a.m. (Cardio)9:15 a.m. (Cardio)9:15 a.m. (Cardio)
5:30 p.m. (Cardio)5:30 p.m. (Cardio)No evening workout5:30 p.m. (Cardio)
6:15 p.m. (Strength)6:15 p.m. (Strength)No late evening workout6:15 p.m. (Strength)

Webb says these workouts offer a variety of full-body exercises. The 9:15 a.m. & 5:30 p.m. classes focus more on high-energy cardio exercises; 6:15p classes focus more on toning and strengthening.

Campers of this camp tell Webb it is more than a workout, they describe it as a family that focuses on total fitness whether that be mental, legal, financial, relational, or spiritual.

Saturday, Jan. 28, the Lakebottom All About Fitness Family’s is hosting a “Preparing for something new this year,” workshop in partnership with the Mildred L. Terry Public Library at 1 p.m. It’s all about of their Ministry Mission working to encourage communities to work on their total fitness.

Saturday’s workshop will focus on financial literacy. Certified financial coach Julie Scribner will be teaching attendees how to be financially fit. Childcare will also be provided onsite through the Mildred L. Terry Public Library.

Webb says this event is just one of the many he has planned for the community group throughout the year, and a main driving factor for these events is to increase accessibility throughout the community.

“The need for more free, accessible and easily digestible goal setting and financial counseling for our community members. Often times we focus on one aspect of fitness and not the other” Webb said.  

Earlier this week, a specialist with the Big Dog Fleet Feed came out for a “Picking the right running shoe” workshop, where attendees were able to learn about different foot types, how to pick the correct running shoes, and what form to incorporate while running.

Webb gave WRBL a peak into what All About Fitness Family has in store for this quarter.

“This year we plan on focusing on one or two aspects of fitness each quarter. Jan. – March is financial fitness and nutrition, recently a certified nutritionist visited camp. April -June is mental fitness. Dr. Sasha Johnson, a psychotherapist and CEO of will speak at our mental fitness workshop March 18th at the Columbus Public Library.”

The next workshop with Dr. Johnson is set for March 18, 2023, from 2 – 3:30 p.m.

For more information on upcoming events, Webb tells people to get connected with one, or several, of their social media platforms.

  • Facebook: Lakebottom All About Fitness Family Bootcamp
  • Instagram & TikTok: @allaboutfitnessfamily
  • Twitter: FitFamMovement
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: (706) 940-2079
  • Website: