COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The Miss Georgia scholarship competition is set to commence in less than a month. WRBL caught up with one contestant representing our area.

Aaliyah Phillips was crowned the 24th Miss Columbus State University this past February. The junior, majoring in elementary education, has been representing her college by partnering with Muscogee County Schools, the Literacy Alliance, and the United Way’s Community Schools Program.

She told WBRL more about her platform that is centered on bringing greater focus to literacy equity for all students.

“My community service initiative is SPREAD, which is all about spreading literacy through reading right here in the Muscogee County area, but more importantly, the state of Georgia,” Phillips said. “I’m very passionate about educational advocacy and change. Therefore, I think that in order to serve as a true catalyst for change in our education system, it starts with giving students the seeds to be educationally prosperous in their educational journey, and that starts with literacy.”

So far apart of her program, she has read to 15 of the 32 Muscogee County elementary schools.

Outside of Miss CSU, she aspires to work with the American Education System.

“In the long run, I do hope to go into educational policy and work with our American Education System in serving as a catalyst for change in that sector.”

While preparing for Miss Georgia, she tells WRBL what she would do if she lands the job.

“To continue to spread my message and my platform which is all about literacy. To do my due diligence to give back to those who have given to me,” Phillips said. “I think that that is in education, making sure that every student in the state of Georgia has the resources to be successful in their education.”

Phillips will be competing in the Miss Georgia scholarship competition happening June 14 to June 17 at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center. Contestants for the scholarship competition check-in June 9.