COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — It was chilly in Columbus on Friday morning, but that didn’t stop the Omega Lamplighters from holding a brief outdoor program to celebrate its adoption of E.E. Farley Homes.

Omega Lamplighters Chairman Marvin Broadwater, Sr. said good morning to everyone and introduced himself. Chaplain Dr. Michael Forte led everyone in prayer.

Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson said he was proud of the Omega Lamplighters and grateful for what they were doing.

“I just want to lift up the men of Omega,” he said. “I mean, you guys are constantly involved in the community.”

“This is a great opportunity for all of you to reach out and touch the lives of folks that need some help,” said Columbus City Councilman John House. “So thank you so much for doing this, Mr. Broadwater for organizing it, for all of you Lamplighters being out here to learn how to provide service to the community.”

Outgoing Columbus City Councilwoman Mimi Woodson said that when someone gives from their heart, their blessings come back to them.

“God bless you,” she said. “God bless your journey and keep you safe.”

“Really, what you guys are doing for the community is very commendable, especially in this holiday season,” said Joanne Cogle, a soon-to-be Columbus city councilwoman. “So I commend you for really living the Christmas spirit, and I hope you guys have a really great, great holiday season and you’re able to bless the citizens of Columbus.”

Broadwater introduced reigning Omega Lamplighter of the year Jonathan Forte.

“Real quick before we start, I just want to read a quote that was given to me by a mentor of mine,” Jonathan said. “It reads, ‘Adoption has a dimension of connection, not only to your own tribe, but beyond … widening the scope of what constitutes love, ties and family in a larger embrace.’ By adopting this apartment complex, ‘we stretch past our intermediate circles. By reaching out, we find an unexpected sense of belonging with others.’”

After the program, Omega Lamplighters gave food and toys to residents. According to Woodson, an organization she works with, FAITH, donated the toys.

Broadwater said in an interview that Omega Lamplighters plan to do something for the residents every quarter. He explained what Omega Lamplighters meant by adopting the homes.

“You know how organizations have food drives?” he said. “And they say, ‘Everybody pull up?’ But we know everyone that lives in this facility here needs help. They’re already here. We can go to them rather than them coming to us. So that’s the mentality that we have.”