COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Peachtree Mall started collecting nonperishable, unexpired food on Monday, Nov. 14 and will continue doing so through Thursday, Dec. 1. This is its second year holding the food drive, according to Property Management Associate Stephanie Jarvis, who is in charge of the project. The food will be donated to Feeding the Valley Food Bank in Columbus. Peachtree Mall aims to collect 1000 pounds of items.

“Every day we go and, like, remove what items have been donated,” Jarvis said. “I haven’t weighed them yet. But we bring them to the management office. And I think on the second is when we decided to weigh everything to see if we actually met our goal.”

Jarvis said the food drive was the idea of Brookfield Properties, which owns Peachtree Mall.

“As a corporation, we do it on a larger scale,” she said. “But to help with the local community, we chose Feed the Valley. And so, since last year, we’re just trying to build off of that.”

Collection boxes have been placed by five entrances to the mall. There is also a collection box in the court in front of Victoria’s Secret. Food can also be brought to the management office, which is on the back side of the building.

The day the food drive ends will be the day the mall holds its annual Christmas parade starting at 7 p.m. The mall will stay open until 8 p.m. on that day.

“And we incorporate a lot of the local high school bands, high school cheer squads, dance teams, color guard,” Jarvis said. “This year, we’ve actually implemented a lot of our local sports teams. So we have the River Dragons mascot coming. We have Columbus Lions’ mascot coming and CSU’s cougar coming, as well. And of course, Chick-fil-A cow, even though that’s not a sporting team.”

Jarvis said the parade will start in the JCPenney wing.

“And they play different performances in our Dillard court area,” she said. “And then we end it with Santa and some of his characters. So we’ll have Buddy the elf, Jovie, an elf, maybe even a polar bear this year. So they just pass out candy canes and kind of get the kids excited that Santa is now in town.”

Guests will be able to take pictures with Santa and interact with him as he walks around.