COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Santa Claus allegedly visited Columbus by plane Thursday morning, landing at Flightways Columbus at the Columbus Airport. The man who was identified as Santa Claus stayed for a question-and-answer session with reporters.

Airport Director Amber Clark welcomed Claus, saying everyone was glad he could join them.

Above is the man identified as Santa Claus, left, and Columbus Airport Director Amber Clark, right.

Claus said Columbus is one of his favorite towns and that overall, people there are nice rather than naughty. He explained why his reindeer and sleigh weren’t present.

“All of the reindeer down at my cousin Bubba’s farm are going under rigorous conditioning for the big night,” he said. “The sleigh is there with them, so I had to charter.”

Claus said the most popular gift in Columbus this year isn’t a toy; it’s an iPhone.

Someone pointed out that Claus looked like he had lost a lot of weight.

“It’s been a very, very lean winter,” Claus said.

Someone asked if Claus had given one of the reporters a lump of coal. Claus replied that he had but couldn’t say why.

He had a message for children.

“Always be nice,” he said. “Never be naughty.”

“Santa is such a special person to us here,” Clark said a little later in her own question-and-answer session. “And you know, we do this many times for special people, but I don’t think we’ve ever had anybody as special as Santa Claus.”

Clark said that people could track where Santa Claus was delivering gifts by looking up “tracking Santa Claus.” She said it was important to go to bed rather than try to catch Claus delivering gifts.

“I do believe Santa does like milk and cookies,” she said. “But you also can’t forget the reindeer, so make sure you have your reindeer foods spread out on your lawn so when they come in, they can also eat.”