COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — WRBL is learning more about what led the most recent Carver-Spencer football game to abruptly stop at the end of the third quarter.

Officials say a fight broke out on Friday night.

In a video released by Georgia Alabama Sports Live, people were seen running from the stands, onto the field, and into the parking lot. Players and officials were seen hitting the turf of the A.J. McClung Memorial Stadium.

On Saturday, three juveniles were arrested and three guns were recovered. All three individuals are facing gun charges.

Guns recovered by police: Photo from CPD

What happened? Here’s what Deputy Chief Lance Deaton told WRBL.

“We know now that no firearms were present inside of the stadium,” Deaton said. “There was a fight that broke out between two juvenile females that didn’t go to either school. That is what led up to the things that happened later. That was what initiated all of the running and everything. Once the fight started, some people outside — some juveniles outside of the stadium — started showing that they had firearms. That’s what created everybody running, lying on the ground — the video you saw was of football players diving on the ground. That’s what created that.”

Entry to the annual 61st Heritage Bowl required a search involving a metal detecting wand.

The incident remains under investigation.