COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Across the country, there is trending car theft method that works on Kia vehicles made in 2011 and later and Hyundai vehicles made in 2015 or later. Thieves are able to start the cars with tools other than car keys. Fortunately, there have only been two attempts to use this method in Columbus, and both failed, according to Sgt. Danielle Danforth of the Columbus Police Department last Wednesday. No suspects were caught.

“But as far as across the country, we have heard of the trend,” she said. “The officers are aware of the trend.”

Danforth said people in the area need to know about the trend so they can prevent it from happening to them.

“All I can say is you need to lock your doors,” she said. “Do not leave anything valuable in your vehicle. If you have an alarm, test your alarm on your car … Park your car in a garage if you can. Park your car under lighting, if you can.”

Danforth also recommended parking cars within the views of outdoor cameras.

Emergencies should always be reported by calling 911. However, Danforth said to call her on a non-emergency bases at (706) 225-4299 to provide evidence or other information about attempted car thefts using the trending method.