Construction for a new shopping center begins

Local News

Plans of building a new shopping center in Columbus are in full swing as construction workers begin removing blocks of concrete. 

“What you are looking at right now is over a half of million square feet of concrete that that’s part of the old Mill structure,” says Marty Flournoy, Project Developer. 

The rising shopping center, will be known as Midland Commons, located at the former textile mill site, on J R Allen Parkway and Flat Rock Road. The project will be a major investment in the community for nearby residents who already travel long distance to shop for necessities. 

“This provides an opportunity to reuse the site that otherwise would have been somewhat blinded,” says Flournoy.

Shopping centers won’t be the only luxury coming on site. Flournoy tells News 3 a grocery store, assistant living, a lifestyle center, with a scenic trail are all in the works. 

“What we are trying to incorporate is a village effect where people can live here and access the retail and the restaurants,” says Flournoy.

Right now its too early to tell which specific stores are headed our way, but in the next 3 to 5 years this acrage will transform the community’s image with better services.  

“We are already talking to local tenants and owners that want to get started as fast as we get the roads finished.” says Flournoy.

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