CPD: 10th Street murder suspect went to great lengths to ‘stage suicide’

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A Columbus homicide detective testified in court Monday when officers arrived Friday at 2315 10th Street to find a 27-year-old man lying motionless, they immediately suspected the supposed suicide had been staged.

News 3 was in the courtroom when 53-year-old Edward Lominac stepped in front of Judge Julius Hunter. Lominac is charged with murder as a suspect in Travis McDaniel’s death.

Lominac kept his head down as Sgt. Dexter Wysinger detailed the case to Judge Hunter. Detective Wysinger says the position of the body showed McDaniel had been dragged from the bedroom where there was a pool of blood on the floor.

He further testified a Tec 9 semi automatic pistol was loosely held in the victim’s right hand, his finger on the trigger, but without his hand gripping the gun. Wysinger told Judge Hunter the gun in McDaniel’s right hand did not match with the bullet wound in the left side of his head.

Wysinger says the home belonged to Lominac’s daughter. The woman reportedly told police she was adopted and had only recently started reaching out to her biological father, Lominac. 

The detective says during questioning, the woman says she left the home around 5 p.m. while Lominac and McDaniel, her neighbor on 10th Street, were drinking together.

Wysinger says Lominac turned himself in Saturday and initially claimed the shooting was an accident.

Lominac reportedly told officers he and McDaniel had been drinking at least 30 beers when McDaniel called a friend over to buy a gun. Lominac claims when McDaniel returned with the gun, the two were admiring it when it discharged.

Sgt. Wysinger explained to Judge Hunter “we know he lied” — first, explaining the position of McDaniel’s wound meant he would have been looking completely away from Lominac while handing him the gun. He also says Lominac’s daughter told officers the gun did belong to her father and she had seen him shooting it into the air on New Year’s Eve. Finally, officers reportedly only recovered four empty beer cans from the scene.

When confronted with the conflicting evidence, Sgt. Wysinger testified Lominac did later confess to moving the body and putting the Tec 9 in McDaniel’s hand.

“When I said, what was he thinking about when he did that, he said he wasn’t thinking,” Wysinger said on the stand.

Judge Hunter found probable cause and denied Lominac bond. His case is now bound for Superior Court.

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