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District two city council runoff election

PHENIX CITY, Ala. --  District two residents headed to the polls Tuesday to decide a run off for the city council seat. Vickey Carter Johnson and Baxley Oswalt squared off for the seat formerly held by Johnnie Robinson Jr. who died earlier this year.

Controversy has dominated this race after it was discovered at least 82 of the people who voted in the initial special election in November did not actually live in the district.

Johnson was just 10 votes short from winning the majority vote, which sent the race into a runoff.

"I'm going to use a line from the Forrest Gump movie: I'm not a smart man but I know what the meaning of domicile is," District two voter Rick Preddy said.

According to Phenix City Police Chief Ray Smith, 82 people registered using their business address instead of their home address also known as a domicile, which is illegal.

"Disgusting , not a good thing," Johnson supporter Peggy Lebo said. "I think that everybody should be up front and they shouldn't do things like this."

The issue grabbed the attention of Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill who sent Ed Packard, the state's administrator of elections, to monitor Tuesday's runoff.

News 3 asked him if voters on the ineligible list were still allowed to vote in this runoff.

"They'll be required to vote by a provisional ballot if they vote today and then during the seven days after the election, those provisional ballots will be reviewed to determine whether or not those individuals are residents of the city and whether their vote can count," Packard said.

Those votes will be reviewed by the board of registrars in consultation with the city.

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