COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Lightning during a storm can be unpredictable, but when it strikes a home, there can be massive damage.

According to Chief Meteorologist Bob Jeswald, lightning can enter your home in many different ways.  It might not be a direct hit, but still be just as damaging.

So what do homeowners need to know about lightning strikes to help protect their family and household? 

Columbus Fire Marshal/Division Chief John Shull spoke to WRBL on what to do in the event that lightning strikes your house.

“If your house is struck by lightning, what you need to know is get out of the house whether or not you detect a hazard or not. Now, in other words, do you smell smoke? You see smoke, you see fire. Whether or not you see these things. Get out of your house. I understand that the conditions may not be favorable, but you could go to your car, move your car to a safe spot away from the house,” stated Chief Shull.

If your home is damaged in a lightning strike, contact your local authorities as well as your insurance company to determine what is covered in your policy.