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Dozens in Smiths Station inconvenienced by massive bridge collapse ahead of Alberto storm

SMITHS STATION, Al.- -  In Lee County there's frustration. This, after a bridge near Glenwood School collapsed making it difficult for dozens of residents to move around freely.
Kevin Cremo is one of the some 40 people affected by the collapse County Road 687
Officials say it  collapsed as a result of heavy rain on Wednesday, May 23rd. 
The bridge is privately owned by rock Creek Cove LLC.
Cremo says when it comes to him and his neighbors, they're  basically stuck.
"There was a bridge company that was out here and their estimate was  5 to 6 months at a minimum to get a passable structure that's safe."- says Cremo.
Cremo says, he's thankful many in the Valley are consistently lending a helping hand- but  it's been a challenge.
 "Tiger Tires in Auburn was nice enough to buy us a bunch of groceries and have some people deliver them to us what we've had to is shuttle across in boats to actually get these supplies."- says Cremo.
Cremo, a father of three works on post at Fort Benning.
Memorial Day, his boss and son paid him a visit.
"It's Memorial Day weekend. We're supposed to be honoring those who have served. he's still serving. You need to get out here. There's lives and families at stake."- says Al Ar Ballo, Boss of County Road 687 resident.

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