Columbus’s first Drag Queen Story Hour was held Saturday and dozens turned out, including families, protestors and police. 

Drag Queen Monica Starr came out to read “A Tale of Two Beasts” to the crowd.

The event has sparked controversy nationwide, and a few protestors showed up to Mildred Terry Library around noon. 

Starr says DQSH received more support than push back.

“I don’t think we faced any challenges, really. Really, it’s just we needed the support and we got the support,” says Starr.

The event did receive some pushback on social media once the organizers announced a date.

“I don’t think about the hatred or anything, because we are not born with hate. We learn hate, as Jeremy [Hobbs] has said, and it’s just ridiculous. I just ignored it,” says Starr.

The protestors who showed up remained peaceful.

“Very peaceful. We’ve had a couple dialogues out here. It was very peaceful,” says Tilly Frazier with One  Way Ministries, “People didn’t agree with us, we don’t agree with them, but we can come meet in the middle.”

“The whole thing was we are just going to come, we are going to stand and if people come and talk to us, we will be happy to come and talk to them,” says Gary Hartman.

Inside the library, the room was filled to capacity with only standing room remaining.

“I loved the support from the people today. Everyone was coming up hugging me. thank you for this thank you for that and i loved it. it was amazing,” says Starr.

ColGay Pride now plans to host the event monthly.

News Three posted a web poll on Facebook to see whether folks would support the monthly DQSH. The poll shows 66 percent of viewers say no, and 34 percent say yes.