We’ve got mostly sunny skies to start out our Sunday with temperatures in the 70s. Today we’ll see lots of sunshine with highs in the low to mid 90s. Today also might be the driest day of the week.

Our forecast for the next several days and much of the week is going to feature some much needed rain. It’s been really dry and hot lately, so we really need some rain. We’re not saying it’s going to rain every day, but pretty much every day, we’ll have a decent chance of seeing some showers and storms around the area. On Monday, we’ve got a front to our north and it’ll help enhance our chances for rain tomorrow afternoon. So, as you head out the door tomorrow morning, make sure you grab the umbrella, you might need it. Tuesday, will be much of the same with maybe a little less sunshine as that front stalls out over the area. Look for scattered showers and storms Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and more isolated showers and storms Friday through the weekend.

We are continuing to watch Invest 94L, located in the Southern Atlantic. The National Hurricane Center is giving it a 70% chance of becoming a tropical system. But, looking at the computer models, looks like no threst to the U.S. as it heads toward Central America.