COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL)—Uptown Columbus’ Friday Night Concert Series has only two more performances to go. This week, local R&B, soul and funk band Deeper Shades of Soul (DSOS) will hold a free community concert in collaboration with Uptown Columbus on the 1100 block of Broadway from 7 to 10 p.m. on Friday.

“I love music…I found that out when I was like seven,” said the band’s founder Charlie Bynam Jr., a Columbus native.

He explained he started playing when he was about 14 years old but his love of music has always been a constant. Bynam recalled being able to dissect every instrument in a song from a young age and said he started out as a drummer before moving to bass guitar.

Bynam said, “I don’t know much about me at all, but I love music. I always have.”

In May, DSOS will celebrate its 31st birthday and, according to Bynam, has had several iterations since day one. He explained they had five members at one point and at another time there was even a female vocalist.

The current variation of DSOS is a group of seven.

DSOS’ lead guitarist Nate Frazier is originally from Opelika, Alabama and started playing with the band 13 years ago. He said working with Bynam has been a great experience. Frazier credited Bynam with teaching him almost everything he knows about playing guitar and R&B.

“I was just a church musician, and that’s all I knew,” said Frazier. He continued on and said, “When [Bynam] called and asked me to be a part of [DSOS], I was excited.”

For Friday’s performance Bynam and Frazier said they expect it to be a “big party.” They are counting on seeing some fans who have been there since the group started.

DSOS reported their setlist changes from gig to gig but they have some staples.

“We doing some new stuff Friday, but we pretty much, you know, have a signature song that we always do,” said Bynam.

He and Frazier agreed the 1981 song “Cool” by Morris Day and The Time is one of those which is always in the setlist. They explained it is typically their outro song and is a fan favorite.

The band also has some original songs which came out in the early- to mid-2000s, although they don’t plan on releasing new music at this time.

“I would like to thank, you know, the fans we have for the last 31 years,” said Bynam.

Bynam highlighted the band’s longevity, saying his daughter was a baby when it began and now has her own children.

Uptown Columbus’ Friday Night Concert Series will conclude on May 5 with a performance by the Parker House band.