East Alabama Humane Society helps a dog paralyzed from the waist down get back on his paws

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East Alabama Humane society works with many types of animals like dogs that have been abused and need to be nursed back into good health, but the shelter says they’ve never met a dog as special as Goliath. 
“He loves belly rubs. He’ll belly up for you just for a belly rub, and he loves kisses. He loves to be loved and hugged. I mean he’s a hugger, so we do everything we can,” Harrelson said. 

Harrelson says they picked up Goliath from a local pound in early April. After a couple of weeks of having Goliath, they took him to the vet to be neutered. Two days later, he went into shock sending him back to the vet. The vet performed an exploratory surgery, but was unable to determine what could have caused his condition.

“When he woke up he was blind, and he couldn’t move from his head back. He was really unresponsive for about four days at the vet,” Harrelson said. 

After a week and a half, Goliath started to get some of his mobility back. The humane society says they’ve reached out on their social media platforms for donations to help with his expenses. Ines Woodberry says someone recently donated a wheelchair.

“He’s not a light dog, so it takes quite some time to get him in there, but it really helps him to get on his feet, keep him moving. He does use the front legs very well and now we slowly can see that wheelchair that the back legs are starting to move,” Woodberry said. 

Woodberry is one of many staff members that works with Goliath every day to perform physical therapy exercises. They’re also trying other techniques to help get him back on his paws.

Right now, Goliath is not adoptable. East Alabama Humane Society says they’ll continue to work with Goliath to the point where he can become more mobile on his own then they’ll start looking for a home for him.

Click here if you would like to donate to Goliath’s expenses 

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