There’s a warning to residents about a counterfeit money scam in Eufaula. The word is coming from the Eufaula Police Department.

The police department posted a warning Facebook this week.

The image they posted it looks like a regular 100 dollar bill, from afar, but if you look closely on the right, it reads prop money.

Authorities are weighing in on things to look out for when verifying money is real.

Sgt. Donald Brown of the Eufaula Police Department told News 3 that convenience stores or stores around town to call them about money that’s been passed off to them. He says when they get there, most of the cases its counterfeit money.

Police say there are about five cases under investigation now.

One tip: notice the difference between real and fake dollar bills.

“You can feel…the texture of the money is different from any other currency,” Sgt. Brown explains. “Most of the texture is gonna be a lot smoother than regular money. sometimes it’ll be a little thicker than regular money and some occasions it can be even thin. People try to use different kinds of paper.”

Police say falling victim to counterfeit money can happen to anyone.

“People walk up, then and ask can you change a $20 for me and then you find out that the $20 they gave you is fake money,” Sgt. Brown says. 

“Merchants to take it at the stores and only to find out that the money is fake. A lot of times they’ll use the pens, the little markers. I can’t say those pens are completely accurate,” Sgt. Brown. 

Eufaula Police Department suggests businesses use machines that check counterfeit money. 

Accubanker tests a $20 dollar bill. 

Eufaula Police says if you get caught using counterfeit money you could face consequences.

“The charge is called change bills circulating. It is a misdemeanor. You can serve time in the county jail for passing that kind of stuff along,” Sgt. Brown. 

Residents say it’s a shame some folks try to scam others out of their money.

“You gotta find the source of the problem in order to get rid of the problem,” says Travis Mccray. 

Police say if you feel the money you’ve received is counterfeit to give them a call.

They say they will test it.

If it turns out the money is fake, the person responsible for using it- could face charges.