Monday morning, Muscogee County Superior Court Judge Frank Jordan decided to continue a Columbus 2015 hit-and-run case, an incident that caused former CSU student Asia Hoskins to be wheelchair bound.

 “Very upset because we’re two years after the injury.”-  says Valerie Ghant, the mother of Hoskins.

 Columbus Police say William Tarver is the suspect in the case.

 According to our media partner the Ledger Enquirer, he was drag racing during the time of the hit-and- run-, the day before Independence Day with his child by his side.

When it comes to Asia’s car…

“They used the jaws of life to actually get her out of the car.”- says Ghant.

 Ghant says after learning the trial would be delayed her faith in the justice system is beginning to dwindle.

 She says there are other instances that have also caused her to feel this way.

“It took over a year to get the indictment…well closer to two years to even get the indictment.”- says Ghant.

Ghant says, since the incident life for daughter has changed dramatically.

“She sustained a traumatic brain injury so it brought on some catastrophic changes in her life.”- says Ghant.

She describes what Asia was doing, moments before the crash.

“She had just come from the college, dropped me off at a friend’s and she was in route back home and unfortunately she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”- says Ghant.

Ghant says she and her daughter were both students at CSU at the time.

 Her daughter was studying to become a physical therapist.

 And now…

“I can only imagine the experience of being trapped… that’s how I look at it.. inside your own body and not being able to vocalize like you would like to.”- says Ghant.

A condition no good parent would wish upon their child.