COVERING CHATTAHOOCHEE VALLEY- Two local veterans: a husband and wife are spreading love and hope.
This, after they were told, it would be highly unlikely they could have a child of their own.
Beverly and Robert Nicoson are both veterans who live in Fort Mitchell with a very touching love story.
“As soon as she looked at me and I looked at her I was like I’m gonna marry her.”- says Robert.
The two chose to go skydiving in Atlanta, for their baby-gender reveal.
 Believe it or not the couple says doctors told Robert years ago he would not be able to have children of his own.
“I was upset at first but like my wife says God has a plan “- says Robert.
Beverly who’s almost six months pregnant says when she told her husband she was expecting Robert had a unique reaction.
“I called him…it was in the middle of the night in Italy… I was crying because I was so excited…and he’s like what’s wrong?! What’s wrong?! And I was like no, it’s good news…I’m excited and he goes…ok what is it?…and I said we’re pregnant! And he goes, thank goodness…he was so out of it…I thought you got stabbed.”- says Beverly.
“I was like ok I’ll talk to you later…I hung up and I went back to sleep and I woke up like an hour later…like did I just have a dream? I looked at my phone and she texted me. She knows me so well. She texted saying that wasn’t a dream, we’re pregnant.”- says Robert.
The young couple has only known each other since 2016, while serving in Nashville.
“The quickest relationship either of us have ever had…basically we met, fell in love instantly. I was telling my parents, my family back home that I was moving and moved in together, engaged a couple months after that…and got married about seven months after that. “- says Beverly.
The two say they met at a time when they thought love did not exist.
Now, they’re about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary on April Fool’s Day.
“We are fools in love that’s why we did that. “- says Robert.
Beverly has a message for families who have also been told they will not be able to have children.
 “I would just say don’t give up, keep the hope, keep the faith, and just keep praying…God always has a plan.”- says Beverly.