COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Piedmont Columbus Regional is expanding its surgery-related services and invited WRBL News 3 to a mock operation using their new Davinci machine. 

After a five-month-long process, Piedmont Columbus Regional obtained the new 4th generation Davinci machine. The machine is the only robotic machine built for generalized tissue surgery. The device comes in two main parts; a control station and the operating machine. 

The control station for the Davinci operating machine

While using the control station, the surgeon can perform more precise and less invasive surgeries. The machine also has a significant advantage over other devices used for surgery. 

Surgeon Paul Cartwright shares one of the primary advantages Davinci provides. 

“The robot offers a lot of advantages. One of the biggest ones is visualization and 3-D view,” said Cartwright.  “So we would do all of our surgeries on basically a flat screen tv screen, and so you can’t always see the depth; how far away something is, how deep it is. When you can see in 3-D, it changes a lot.”

In addition, another benefit the Davinci offers is the angled prongs used by the machine. This allows surgeons to reach behind vital nerves to access their target tissue area. 

Cartwright also shared why Piedmont Columbus Regional decided to bolster its surgical procedure-related services. 

“We want to offer our patients a little more streamlined, and maybe a kind of smaller hospital feel,” said Cartwright. “So we’re moving our Center of Excellence out here to the North Side. Part of that process is that we’ve converted over to a robotic platform to do our surgeries.” 

After finalizing preparations for the Davinci, Piedmont Columbus Regional says it is set to conduct its first operation on Monday.